Tranemo Workwear

Tranemo Workwear

Tranemo Workwear were founded in Tranemo, Sweden in 1934 and originally produced mainly trousers. Later the production of heavy-duty workwear began and today this range of work wear includes Arc Flash Jackets & Trousers, Arc Flash Coveralls, Arc Flash Shirts & Polo Shirts and Arc Flash Underwear. The company is now run by the third generation and has subsidiaries in UK, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Tranemo Workwear’s vision is simple, it is that no fatalities or serious injuries should occur in an accident where the correct protective work clothing could have prevented the accident or aided in reducing the consequences of it. Tranemo continually strive to increase safety in the workplace by leading the development of superior flame retardant solutions for workers.

The Tranemo range of products includes a broad range of Flame Retardant garments, including those suitable for working in the power and electrical industry, in environments where the risk of exposure to electric arc is present, in petrochemical industries, with molten metals or in ATEX classed environments.

For those who need to be clearly visible in the workplace, they also have a broad range of High Visibility garments. All High Visibility garments are certified in accordance with applicable standards, which means you can be sure you will be seen at work.

Tranemo Workwear work solely with inherent flame retardant fabrics – this means that the protection cannot be washed out or worn away from the fabric. Therefore, the protection offered by the garment fabric lasts for the lifespan of the garment.

All Tranemo Workwear garments are fully certified to the relevant EN Standards and are ideally suited to a wide variety of industrial sectors including power, utilities, contracting, metallurgy, transportation, infrastructure, chemicals and petrochemicals. Tranemo Workwear garments can help protect workers against various workplace risks such as heat, flame, electric arc, molten metal, chemicals and the risk of explosion.

Tranemo Workwear maintain the highest standards with regards to quality, functional and innovative work clothing. Through innovation and expertise Tranemo Workwear help to make the workplace safer.

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