Great to get an appreciation of the severity of arc flashes occurring and the importance of LOTO.

Aidan O'Sullivan

Collen Construction

Very informative. Good presentation.

Ger Looney

Irving Oil

Brought to light procedures that we do follow and procedures we need to introduce.

Sean O'Reilly

Irving Oil

Well presented and to the point.

John Keane

Irving Oil

Eye opening. Last done an arc flash course 10 years ago.

Paul Geaney

Jacobs Engineering

Very informative and good display of why and how lock oil should be implemented.

Peter Farrell

Irving Oil

Very interesting, everyone should attend.

Garret McAuliffe

Irving Oil

Good content & videos, didn't overload with detail.

Niall O'Leary

Irish Cement

Very detailed & easy to follow coming from a non-electrical background.

Conor Relihan

Irish Cement

Very informative and makes you more aware.

Ronan O'Reilly

Irish Cement

Very informative and really drove home importance of the P.P.E.

Paul McCarthy

Irish Cement

Very informative. We had non-electrical people on the course & it was geared in such a way that they could see the importance of P.P.E & understanding arc flash.

Colin McDonnell

Irish Cement

Open your eyes. Reminds you of what can happen.

Mark Healy

Irish Cement

Well presented, made sure we all understood and communication was great.

David McTeggart

Irish Cement

Very informative & interesting for a non-electrical person.

Paul Conaghy

Irish Cement

Very good course, scary at times, but really makes you think about your working environment.

Sean Lowndes

Manning & Buckley Electrical

Makes you very aware of the danger you could encounter everyday.

John Byrne

Manning & Buckley Electrical

Well presented. Interesting course.

Mick Blighe

Manning & Buckley Electrical

Very informative. Instructor came across as very knowledgeable.

Stephen Devaney

Manning & Buckley Electrical

Eye opener to PPE to wear during work.

Austin Skelly

Manning & Buckley Electrical

Very informative & well presented.

Trevor Mageean

William Farrell LTD

Good insight in injuries sustained when arcing occurs, and importance of proper clothing.

Malachy Cronin

O'Sheas Electrical

Very good information on safety clothing and what to look for.

Brendan McGrath

O'Sheas Electrical

Very good, reawakens your respect for electricity.

Jim Buckley

O'Sheas Electrical

Very good course, great detail.

Jason Gartland

O'Sheas Electrical

Good contact and well delivered.

Anthony Moore

Jacobs Engineering

Very good interaction & shared learnings between instructor & attendees.

Peter Coleman

Jacobs Engineering

Very good course, lots of accident & visual cases shown.

Krimo Khalfi


Great course. Makes you more aware.

Martin Carroll


Very good course, good knowledge.

Keith O'Connor

Hanley Energy

Well presented, great level of interaction.

Vitor Ferreira

Collen Construction

Excellent, very well presented.

Mark Finan

Collen Construction

Very well presented and makes you aware again of the risks and dangers of arch flash.

William Barrett

Kirby Group Engineering

Very good course. Cathal is a very good trainer. Well done.

Brendan O'Hara

Analog Devices

Going forward this should be compulsory.

Aaron Costelloe

Kirby Group Engineering

It is a hard subject to make exciting, but it was very informative.

Estella McLoughlin


Very concise and to the point. Covered what is required.

Derek Doyle


Very good content and well explained.

Liam O'Reilly


Very detailed - Good visual. Well presented.

Yasmin Corr


Very informative and well presented.

Gary Kenny