Roots Arc Rated Workwear

ROOTS Original

ROOTS is Dutch Safety Clothing manufacturer who specialise in the production of state of the Art personal protective equipment through innovation, product development and continued market research. Their top priority is the health and safety of every individual wearing their personal protective Equipment. ROOTS garments offer protection against the risks of a flash fire and electric arc.

When ROOTS originally joined the market for safety clothing in 2004, they were very unhappy with the average Flame Retardant (FR) fabrics on offer. After all, without a good fabric you simply won’t have a good garment! Their dissatisfaction with the low quality, performance and poor comfort associated with the majority of fabrics lead them to start producing their own Flame Retardant fabrics. ROOTS are, to this day, the only major Flame Retardant manufacturer that truly controls their own fabric production right through from the very start to finish.

All garments are constructed from cotton which offers superb quality and incomparable wearer comfort, garment durability, strength and also product performance. All fabrics are tested for critical values such as tear strength after 5 washing /drying cycles, tensile strength after 5 washing /drying cycles, flame retardant properties after 50 washing /drying cycles, formaldehyde content and fabric shrinkage after 5 and 50 washing /drying cycles.  ROOTS also insists on product traceability on the flame retardant reflective tape used on their garments.

ROOTS pledges flame-retardant properties after 50 washing cycles regarding standard work wear and 25 washing cycles concerning rain wear. This is in line with the requirements for standards EN ISO 11611 and EN ISO 11612, which states that a manufacturer can define the amount of washing cycles. If the amount of washing cycles is not stated by the manufacturer it will be automatically tested after just 5 washing cycles.

When you buy ROOTS arc flash workwear, you not only invest in safety and comfort, you also get complete peace of mind that the wearer is getting the best protection available!

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