Proper Use of Arc Flash Protective Clothing

Arc Flash Protection

  • For full body protection, PC shall be worn close/fastened and other suitable PC & PPE shall be used (e.g. helmet and face screen, gloves with cuffs, footwear etc.)
  • Sleeves must NEVER be rolled up during use of the garment.
  • Each item must be of an equal or higher arc rating than that required by the Arc Flash protection boundary rating.
  • For repairs/alterations, only Flame Retardant fabric and thread must be used.
  • No undergarments which can melt should be used.
  • PC & PPE must be stored in a dry, clean and ventilated area.
  • Wear only clean, unsoiled and undamaged Protective Clothing and PPE.
  • All garments should be washed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions (available on request). Where garments are being laundered by external laundry companies, care should be taken to ensure that correct laundry procedures are being followed. We recommend Service Matters, an independent laundry company, who can provide this specialised laundry service to you.
  • Failure to launder properly could adversely affect the integrity of the garment.

Please note that the wash care instructions on the label attached to the garment must be adhered to first, in addition to the above complementary information.