Arc Flash Protective Workwear – Overview


Electric arcs are among the most serious risks that threaten the safety of workers, especially those employed in the power sector or heavy industries. This makes it imperative for personnel working in such environments to protect themselves adequately before entering the work area. To assist you, I have put together the following information that I hope will give you an overview of Arc Flash Protective Workwear:

The Imminent Danger of an Arc Flash

Understanding the imminent hazard of an arc flash is a prerequisite to sourcing the right protective clothing that is best suited for a specific job/environment. Accident statistics across the world reveal that electric arcs are rare and random, but always on the horizon when working with electrical infrastructure.

While the arc life itself may last only for about few seconds, the temperature levels can easily reach anywhere between 10,000 – 19,000°C, accompanied by an acoustic impact of up to 165dB.

The Role of Protective Workwear against Arc Flash

Arc-rated protective workwear not only safeguards workers against thermal and power hazards, but also burn injuries caused by the melting of synthetic fibres that are integral aspects of contemporary daily wear. Natural fibres including cotton are inflammable, while fabric blends based on polyethylene, polyesters and others tend to vaporize, melt or ignite depending on their inherent properties.

The right arc-rated protective workwear, therefore, can and must be able to effectively counter ignition or melting of natural/synthetic fibres in daily wear or undergarments, apart from offering additional safety via extra layers of clothing material that often prove valuable when on the field.

Protective clothing is also known to reduce the possibilities of ignition in cases of contact events where “tracking arc flashes” of extremely high voltages literally breach the integrity of the arc-rated garment to reach and light up deeper layers.

Types of Protective Workwear against Arc Flash

There are several types of arc-rated protective workwear that cater to diverse industry and workplace requirements.

Arc Flash PC and PPE from trustworthy suppliers is available under different categories, including but not limited to:

  • Arc Flash Coveralls
  • Arc Flash Switching Suits
  • Arc Flash Jackets & Trousers
  • Arc Flash Waterproof PPE
  • Arc Flash Shirts & Polo Shirts
  • Arc Flash Visors / Face Shields
  • Arc Flash Gloves
  • Arc Flash Balaclavas
  • Arc Flash Underwear

All-weather clothing, Arc Flash PPE, water-proofed and winter-specific variants with different calorific ratings make it possible for employers to ensure workers are well-protected against electric arc, even under harsh weather conditions or when working outdoors.

Accessories including arc-rated gloves, boots, balaclavas and face shields also help employers ensure additional safety and enhance the effectiveness of protective garment.

Ensuring Compliance

As noted earlier, ensuring compliance with IEC’s arc-rated clothing requirements require employers to meticulously assess the potential workplace hazards, and team up with a reliable and trustworthy Arc Flash PC & PPE supplier to source and equip workers with suitable protective garments that best fit the risks involved in a specific job.


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