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BSD Personal Protective Equipment

BSD is a German company that develop and produce personal protective equipment against electrical hazards (fault arcs and electric shocks). They also manufacture tools and equipment for working on and near electrical installations up to 36 kV. Expertise and technology leadership when performing live working and concerning the development of protective equipment are what distinguish BSD from their competitors.

The danger of electric arcs are as real and as old as the use of electric energy itself. An electric arc is defined as the result of an electrical discharge or release through a gaseous medium between electrical conductors which have different potentials. Fault arcs can occur if this discharge has been initiated by a short circuit because of an electrical equipment technical failure or by mistakes made by the workers.

In general, the danger of a fault, and in turn of a fault arc, is always a possibility whenever work is being carried out on or near live parts of electric installations where there is sufficient electrical power. This can happen regardless of whether the work place is in industrial networks, in distribution networks utilities or in networks in building installations.

If there is an incident, the magnitude of consequences for the worker can be tremendous. Aside from the potential damage that can be caused by a pressure wave, the blast of an explosion or a flash of light, the thermal hazards should also be highlighted as a major cause of damage. A large part of the electrical energy which feeds the fault arc is transformed into thermal energy. This thermal energy is then transmitted through heat convection (plasma clouds of particles and hot gases) and through thermal radiation into the area and can cause severe burns to workers in the case of accidents.

Protection from these burns and the thermal dangers of fault arcs is the main reason that BSD produce their range of personal protective equipment (PPE). Safety, innovation, quality and reliability are their top priorities along with the wearers comfort and convenience.

BSD only use raw materials of the highest quality and produce exclusively in Germany and the European Union in the most modern production plants. To ensure highest quality the BSD products are developed in compliance with International Standardisation Committees (IEC and DKE).

According to the legislation concerning health and safety in the workplace, the selection and provision of PPE is one of the main responsibilities of an employer. If you want to ensure the safety of your workforce we can help with all of your arc flash protection requirements.

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