Arc Flash Protection in Layers

When ARC Flash protective garments are worn together in a layered combination, the PPE may give you a total protection value that is higher than the sum of the individual value for each garment. This is due to the air gap between each layer of fabric which acts as an insulator and increases the protection. This increased protection is useful to workers who need to gain additional protection where required for certain tasks.


Hazard Risk CategoryRequired Minimum Arc Rating for PPE
ARC1>= 4
ARC2>= 8
ARC3>= 25
ARC4>= 40

Note – an appropriately arc rated Helmet, Visor and Gloves are also required.

Below are some examples of garments that have been tested together against a simulated Arc Flash exposure. These tests have been undertaken to give indications of typical protection values that can be achieved by wearing multiple layers.


6100 Arc Coverall + 5200 Polo Shirt = ARC 3, Class 2

Class 2 protection Torso only

7480 Arc Coverall + 5285 Polo Shirt = ARC 3, Class 2

Class 2 protection Torso only

5850 Arc Jacket + 5200 Polo Shirt = ARC 3, Class 2


5200 Polo Shirt + 5630 Sweatshirt = ARC 3, Class 2, 31.0 cal/cm2

Class 2 protection Torso only